With a wide range of production presses Stadco is able to offer the most economical
stamping processes for parts from the smallest components to full vehicle bodysides.

  • Double action auto tandem
  • Single action auto tandem
  • Bodysides to brackets
  • Deep drawn panels
  • Steel HSLA panels
  • Aluminium panels
  • Structural panels
  • In-press fixings
  • Manual tandem
  • Skin panels
  • Progression
  • Blanking


  • Low, medium and high level structural assemblies
  • Closure assemblies
  • Flexible facility planning, launch and operation
  • Specialist in niche, medium and high volume applications
  • Appropriate investment solutions



  • Corrosion protection 1,000 hours hot salt spray test
  • Maximum part size 1.7m x 1.7m x 0.7m
  • Coating application of 18-35 microns
  • Coating of steel and aluminium parts
  • Finish colour black


  • Maximum part size 1.5m x 1.5m x 0.4m
  • Coating application of 80-100 microns
  • Coating of steel and aluminium parts
  • Finish colour of choice


Stadco has the capability to manage aftersales requirements from single components through to closure assemblies. We have a dedicated facility in Powys which is a 'one stop shop', i.e.

  • Re-engineering of high volume equipment
    for aftersales volumes
  • Press
  • Assembly
  • Roller hemming
  • Ecoat
  • Pack

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